It is recommended to book a moving company at least four to six weeks in advance, especially during peak moving seasons such as summer or at the end of the month.
The cost is often based on factors like the distance of the move, the volume or weight of your items, the services you require (packing, unpacking, storage), and the time of year.
We offer disassembly and reassembly services for furniture. However, it’s important to confirm this service with your mover in advance.
You can choose to pack your belongings yourself, but be aware that self-packed items may not be covered under the mover’s insurance policy for damages.
Yes, typically we will not transport hazardous materials, perishable foods, plants, pets, and sometimes high-value items. It’s best to check with your specific mover for their prohibited items list.
The duration of a move depends on factors like the distance, the amount of belongings, and the services required. Local moves might take a day, while long-distance moves can take several days.
Moving insurance, or valuation coverage, is recommended to protect your belongings during the move. Most companies offer basic coverage, with the option to purchase additional protection.
repare by decluttering your home, packing your belongings (unless you’ve hired packing services), labeling boxes, and creating an inventory list. Also, ensure there’s clear access for the movers.
Immediately report any damages or missing items to the moving company. Check your contract for the process of filing a claim, and consider reaching out to your insurance provider if necessary.