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At Ideal Moving and Storage Inc, we pride ourselves in providing customized commercial moving and storage services to businesses in the Tri-State area. Whether your company is a service or product provider, not for profit or government operation, Idea Moving and Storage will safely move your office furniture and industrial equipment, library, file room and computer equipment on-time, safely and within budget.

We can also store your furniture and equipment in our clean, well-maintained warehouses in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. For you convenience we offer free on site estimates of your furniture inventory of your stored items as well as a photo-inventory available 24/7 for your inspection.

Moving your business can be a big challenge, with proper coordination, planning and communication we the service provider and you the user can make this a seamless cost friendly managed project. Give us a call and let’s get planning together.

Some of the services we can do for your company:

  1. Installation of new or existing modular furniture
  2. Complete project management
  3. Reconfiguration of existing layouts
  4. Nationwide furniture & equipment relocations
  5. Asset disposition and liquidation
  6. Furniture refurbishing/refinishing
  7. Electrical and data location layout
  8. Verification of field dimensions
  9. And much more…

Call now and arrange for a free onsite estimate to start your relocation project.

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